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10% of every penny we make is donated to help end sex trafficking

Our Partner, Wipe Every Tear, is on the frontlines fighting against sex trafficking. Wipe Every Tear is committed to bringing rescue and restoration in the lives of women trafficked in the sex trade. From safe places to call home, to education and holistic healing, women have the opportunity to have their lives fully restored.

What do they do?

a way out

Wipe Every Tear provides women real hope for a great future by offering a way out of the sex trade. Each woman Wipe Every Tear meets in the bars encounters the love of Jesus through the relationships cultivated. If she chooses freedom, she is greeted with open arms, a safe bed, and promptly enrolled in school. "What if you had never said yes? None of this would be happening. I would still be working in the bars of Angeles City..."
-Wipe Every Tear woman

safe homes

Safe homes are an integral part of Wipe Every Tear's mission. Each home is a place of refuge, rest, and discipleship. By fostering each woman's physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, they're equipped with everything they need for a successful future. Each woman receives three meals a day, weekly allowance, medical care, counseling, sponsorship for their children, and more. She really has everything needed to thrive!


In highly populated countries like the Philippines, it is virtually impossible to find a well-paying job without a college degree. In many areas, a Bachelor's degree or vocational training means the ability to find a job that can sustain a family for life. A quality education allows women to create a bright future for themselves and their families. Education is key to breaking the chains of sex trafficking.

What can you do?

book a trip

Every trip booked helps the fight to end sex trafficking. Just one person booked raises as much as $15 for Wipe Every Tear. A full week of trips can raise up to $350 in just one week! Going on a trip with us allows YOU to help fight against sex trafficking. 


Give straight to Wipe Every Tear to help continue their mission. Every single dollar helps end this terrible industry taking place all over the world. Visit their website to donate and learn more about how they are bringing hope and freedom to those trapped in slavery. 

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