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Secret Waterfall Hike

5 - 6 Hours



Hiking Tour

Water & Snacks


What will we do?

We will pick you up where you are staying in one of our adventure-mobiles (Honda Pilot or Odyssey). 

We will drive out of Asheville and up into the mountains in Pisgah National Forest. We will drive up backroads or forest service roads to get to our hidden trailheads. 

We will make several stops and can visit up to 7 secret waterfalls! (The number of falls we get to see depends on our hiking speed, we will see a minimum of 3 on this trip) 

What's included?

We provide Water, Snacks (Kind Bars), and any gear that may be needed. (Trekking poles, ponchos, first aid kit)

Make sure you bring comfortable clothes for hiking.


We recommend wearing hiking boots on this trip as there are some creeks we have to cross and some steep/rocky sections. 

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Secret Waterfall Hike

From $150/person

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