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5 Best Coffee Shops in Asheville, NC

Asheville has recently been popping up all over the internet as one of USA's "Coziest Cities". These studies calculate the ratio of cozy businesses to the number of residents. A big part of this study is the number of coffee shops that the city holds. And it is no secret that Asheville has its fair share of coffee shops.

So, this post will try to point you to the best coffee shops that Asheville has to offer.

Ultra may come in at number 5 on the list, but this is still some world class coffee. Ultra Coffee bar has a beautiful location in the heart of the River Arts District, and serves up some delicious Asheville coffee. They use Counter Culture Coffee (a fellow North Carolinian Roastery) at their Coffeebar and are known for their artisan Lattes. If you find yourself wondering around the art studios in the River Arts District, it's worth your while to pop in to Ultra Coffeebar.

Summit Coffee comes in at number 4 on our list of Asheville's best Coffee Shops. But this was a hard decision to make. Summit stands out both in the quality for their coffee and the design of their coffee shop. I have found it easy to spend hours in their River Arts District location. This spot is perfect for coffee enthusiasts looking for a good study/workspace, or a new hangout spot. Summit coffee is local to North Carolina, but not Asheville. They hail from Davidson, NC just outside of Charlotte. This may be an issue for die-hard local lovers. I recommend you try their pour over coffees. They roast everything themselves and my personal favorite is their Basecamp Roast. Check them out for yourself and see what you think.

Readers may find this controversial, but High Five Coffee comes in at number 3. Many rate this as the best coffee shop in Asheville, and it definitely stands out. But it didn't make number 1 on this list. High Five specializes in serving up truly amazing coffee. Their easy-to-comprehend menu and highly trained baristas make each experience perfect. High Five also uses Counter Culture Coffee at all of their shops. They have 3 different coffee shops in Asheville, which makes it easy to pay them a visit. Try them out and taste their amazing coffee!

Coming in at number 2 on the list is the newly opened Rowan Coffee shop on Broadway Street. What started as a portable pop-up coffee shop on wheels, has turned into a full-blown brick and mortar reality. Rowan Coffee stands out in Asheville with both the quality of their coffee and the coziness of their shop. Tones of dark wood and tungsten lighting set the mood as soon as you walk in. Even their playlist fits the mood perfectly. They make a variety of delicious drinks using Hex Coffee (North Carolina Roasted). I am a huge fan of their Cortado. This drink truly embodies their mission, "Striving for Balance". Next time you are walking around downtown, pop in to Rowan Coffee for a life changing experience.

Coming in at the top of the list as the Best Coffee Shop in Asheville is the local-favorite and truly unique, Odd's Cafe. "A little different, just like you..." is fitting motto for this cozy coffee shop. Odd's embodies every element of a great coffee shop. Starting with their menu, Odd's not only offers all of your favorite coffee drinks, they also offer a variety of truly unique or "Asheville" drinks. I feel like every visit I have to try something new just to keep up with their amazing menu. They also offer plenty of other coffee shops goodies indlucing: loose leaf teas, baked goods (including vegan/gluten free options) and smoothies. Once you've ordered an unique drink, you get to enjoy what has to be the best coffee shop atmosphere in Asheville. One look around the room shows you friends enjoying great conversation on the couches, professionals getting work down at the tables, and local artists working on their craft. Odd's Cafe is truly and "Asheville" place and has a perfect location on Haywood road in West Asheville. I highly recommend you try them out for yourself!

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